How to Beat the House Edge in Blackjack


The game of blackjack is an extremely popular casino card game. However, before the rules of the game were changed, there was no clear math behind it. Instead, the dealer had no options except to stand on a hand of 16 or lower and hit on a hand of seventeen or greater. Despite the rule changes, blackjack continued to draw in players despite its mysterious math. In fact, many casino owners thought the game was too complicated to be analyzed mathematically. That perception changed with the 1956 rule change.

Basic strategy table for blackjack

There are two primary types of blackjack strategy charts. One contains the basic playing rules in black-and-white form, while the other provides a color-coded matrix of the same information. A blackjack strategy chart can be helpful for players who are just learning the game or who want a quick reference for basic blackjack strategy. Both charts have the same information, but one features more color coding and another presents the information in a more appealing format.

Checking the dealer’s cards

One important blackjack strategy is checking the dealer’s cards. The dealer will reveal one card face up and one card face down. The dealer will check for blackjack if his face up card is a ten or higher. If he does, he turns over his cards and takes the bet and hand. If he has an Ace, he will take the insurance bet, paying 2 to 1. Otherwise, he will keep his hand.

Hit or stand

When should you hit or stand in blackjack? There are two fundamental moves in the game, and each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Generally speaking, you should hit if the full value of your hand is higher than your dealer’s, and stand if the chance of busting is high. There is no exact computer formula for the optimal strategy in blackjack. If you can make use of these tips, you will be able to reduce the house edge.


Insured bets are available in almost every game of Blackjack, and many players opt to purchase them. Though the idea of buying insurance may seem risky, a large portion of players say it is worth considering, as it can save their bankroll from losing a lot of money. Here are some tips to keep in mind while betting on Blackjack:

Even money bets

While most players don’t understand exactly what “even money” bets mean, they’re always happy to take it when offered. The reason is that dealers and players alike consider it a safe bet that will likely win. But what does even money actually mean? What is the difference between even money and insurance bets? How can you tell if it’s the right bet for you? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Back counting

The back-counting in blackjack strategy is the practice of keeping track of previous cards before they are dealt. This allows you to exploit certain situations during the game, resulting in a higher bet than you would have otherwise made. The strategy also works when you notice that you have an advantage over the dealer, so you can bet more and win more frequently. This strategy is completely legal, but it is considered unfair to other players. The inventor of back-counting software, Stanford Wong (born John Ferguson), developed the technique, which is now called Blackjack Analyzer. Stanford Wong is a bestselling author and computer software developer, and owns the Pi Yee Press publishing house. He became interested in blackjack in 1964 and began researching it in 1967.

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